Battle Motors Reveals Electric Refuse Trucks At Waste Expo

Battle Motors Reveals Electric Refuse Trucks At Waste Expo

Crane Carrier, a Battle Motors truck company, unveiled their full electric truck portfolio at WasteExpo, the leading event for solid waste, refuse and recycling. The Crane Carrier EV Refuse trucks are perfect for front, rear and ASL.

Crane Carrier has been manufacturing the world’s strongest and most durable trucks in New Philadelphia, Ohio for 75 years. Crane Carrier specializes in heavy duty refuse and recycling trucks. Battle Motors acquired Crane Carrier in early 2021 to add an electric vehicle offer to the current diesel and CNG offers.

“Our Refuse Offer simply beats the crap out of our competitors' offers, we have undergone 75 years of continuous improvement on these trucks, Nick (Nick Sampson, CTO) and I hit it running, having spent the better part of the last 10 years working on EV powertrains. We are manufacturing 3,000 trucks in 2022 that our customers already love,” says Michael Patterson, Crane Carrier CEO.

Battle Motors has also made upgrades to Crane Carrier software and vehicle OS. “Crane Carrier is proud to bring one of the first fully digital instrument clusters and the Revolution OS TM to the refuse market. Crane Carrier trucks have an onboard computer system to pass actionable performance, parts and service data to fleet managers, service dealers, and drivers via our onboard digital instrument cluster and hosted server environment. Revolution OS provides data like fix this soon…this part is going to have issues from a warranty standpoint, you have too much battery. We are bringing data science, actionable data, and machine models to our trucks. This is not telematics, it's Intelligence,” says Paul Marsolan CSO.

The Crane Carrier team has deep expertise and tribal knowledge across diesel, CNG and EV.

“We have been fortunate to be able to bring together a fantastic combination of experience from the EV industry. This has enabled us to focus on delivering a product that has the best in technology to meet the needs of this very important sector, heavy commercial refuse and utility vehicles have a significant impact on our environment. We have been able to use this knowledge and expertise to put together solutions that are more than just a collection of parts. Understanding the real needs of the work in this sector has enabled us to bring together the right technologies in Batteries, Power Electronics & Motors to offer an integrated, yet modular solution that can best deliver value for our customers.” Says Nick Sampson CTO, Battle Motors.

About Battle Motors:
Battle Motors, was founded in 2021 by Mike Patterson the Founder of Romeo Power. Battle, a leader in the development of electric vehicle (EV) technology acquired commercial vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Crane Carrier Company, LLC (“CCC”) earlier this year. Crane Carrier Company (CCC) has been manufacturing commercial vehicles for 75 years and is based in New Philadelphia, Ohio. For more information, visit and follow Battle Motors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn.

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