Class GVWR Range Horsepower Output Torque
6 - 8 46,000 - 72,000 lbs 300 - 430 hp 860 - 1,650 ft lbs
Engine Transmission Drive Axle Front Axle
Cummins L9 5th Generation Allison 4500 RDS Single Tandem Dana D2000F
    Dana S26-190 Dana D46-170HP  
Front Suspension Rear Suspension    
CCC 20k Taper Leaf Springs Single Tandem    
  Reyco 102CC Hendrickson HMX    
Width Seating Doors Steering
94 inches Two seats Standard Right Hand
      Tilt and telescopic steering column
Exterior Features   Interior Features  
All steel severe-service cab shell 18” low step-in height on both sides 16” steering wheel Integrated HVAC
Large flat glass windshield LED lights Tilt and telescopic steering column Power windows
Remote mounted 1,814 in² radiator Bluetooth and USB enabled radio 5 electric variable speed fans
Engine Transmission Drive Axle Front Suspension
Cummins X12 Allison 3000 RDS Single Tandem CCC 14.6k Taper Leaf Springs
Allison 3500 RDS Dana S30-190 Dana DSH44P CCC 17k Taper Leaf Springs
      Dana D52-190P  
Doors Steering Seating  
Standard Right-hand Two seats (Standard)  
Bi-fold Left-hand Four seats (Crew Cab)  
Flip Dual    

 * Additional customoizations available upon request.

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