Class Horsepower Operating Range* Gradeability
6 - 8 Peak: 500 hp Highway: 130 miles Start full laden on 30%
  Continuous: 310 hp New York City: 100 miles  
GVWR Range Output Torque Top Speed  
26,000 - 54,000 lbs Peak: 1,700+ ft lbs 70+ mph  
  Continuous: 1,100+ ft lbs    

 * Operating Range, Gradeability, and Output Torque specifications correlate to a 33,000 LNT with a 240kWh battery pack.

Motor Battery Pack Braking Braking Energy
BorgWarner Cascadia Motion CATL 700 V - 240 kWh Multimode Regenerative Between 5% and 35% of brake energy is regenerated back into Energy Storage System (depending on cycle)
Transmission ePTO    
Direct Drive Optional    
Charging Level III DC 60 kW Charger Level III DC 125 kW Charger  
J1772 CSS1 charge port 6.7 hours 3.2 hours  
Up to 250 kW DC charge rate      

 * Charging time to 80% for a 240kWh battery pack.

Width Seating Doors Steering
82 inches Two seats Standard Right Hand
      Tilt and telescopic steering column
Exterior Features   Interior Features  
All steel severe-service cab shell 18” low step-in height on both sides 16” steering wheel Integrated HVAC
Large flat glass windshield LED lights Tilt and telescopic steering column Power windows
Remote mounted 1,814 in² radiator Standard Bluetooth and USB enabled radio 5 electric variable speed fans
Battery Packs ePTO GVWR Seating
240 kWh 700 VDC Up to 54,000 lbs Two seats (Standard)
400 kWh   Four seats (Crew Cab)
Doors Steering Drive Axles  
Standard Right-hand Single  
Bi-fold Left-hand Tandem  
Flip Dual  

 * Additional customoizations available upon request.

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