Revolutionizing the Road: Battle Motors Unveils A Cutting-Edge Digital Interior Redefining Cab Controls for Vocational Trucks

Revolutionizing the Road: Battle Motors Unveils A Cutting-Edge Digital Interior Redefining Cab Controls for Vocational Trucks

Join us at Battle Motors Booth 1952 on Tuesday May 7, 2024, at 12 noon  
for a press conference with Kelleigh Ash, CTO and Paul Marsolan, CSO of Battle Motors 

In a bold move to redefine the driving experience in the vocational truck industry, Battle Motors is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation in digital interior systems. This new system is set to revolutionize cab controls, enhancing both functionality and driver comfort. 

Designed with precision and built for efficiency, the new system integrates cutting-edge technology directly into the cabin of Battle Motors' vocational trucks. The LED color touchscreen display brings a tech-forward ambience and an intuitive interface that simplifies operations, allowing drivers to focus on the road while managing vehicle functions seamlessly. "Our primary focus has always been on driving technology and innovation to deliver value and peace of mind to our customers," says Paul Marsolan, Chief Software Officer at Battle Motors. "With T-Mobile for Business, we're able to leverage advanced analytics and operations to empower our customers with real-time decision-making data, all made possible through our proprietary software, RevolutionOS™." 

The launch marks a significant milestone in Battle Motors' commitment to innovation and leadership in the automotive industry. By enhancing the driver's interaction with the vehicle's controls, Battle Motors aims to improve operational efficiency, safety, and job satisfaction on all fronts. This innovative hardware represents Battle Motors' ongoing commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction. Drivers can access critical information and update settings directly from the truck or remotely via desktop computers or mobile devices, simplifying maintenance and management processes. 

“Our new Battle interior is the embodiment of the new Battle Motors, acknowledging our incredible history and driving us to a bolder and brighter future,” said Chief Technology Officer, Kelleigh Ash. “It is a completely bespoke composition built around the most innovative and advanced technology we’ve ever engineered into a vehicle.” The 14” center touchscreen display articulates for the perfect viewing angle anywhere in the cab, and it consolidates controls for HVAC, radio, entertainment, notifications, routing, and messages onto a single, intuitive interface. By reducing fragmentation and fully integrating with third-party systems, the new system streamlines operations for drivers and fleet managers alike, maximizing productivity and performance. 

A Game-Changer for Commercial Vehicles 

Battle Motors Software stands as your competitive advantage, offering a suite of features that will revolutionize your operations: 

  • Digital Dashboard with Telematics: Access location data, route loading, service and parts intel, entertainment, messaging, and reporting via the Battle Motors’ RevolutionOS™ platform. 
  • Overhauled user interface and graphics: Includes new performance analysis features to help drivers maximize their route performance 
  • RevolutionOS™ Features: Utilize real-time and historical location data, compliance and traceability tools, over-the-air updates, and dynamic route optimization to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. 
  • Entertainment and Messaging: Enjoy entertainment options like Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu, alongside messaging capabilities for real-time communication between fleet managers and drivers. 

Battle Motors, a technology game changer in the vocational trucking space, demonstrates its commitment to absolute advantage through vertical integration and an innovative approach by offering API access to its rich decision-making data. This enables seamless integration with third-party systems and trusted partners, empowering fleet managers with actionable insights and compliance capabilities including location data, real-time route following, and comprehensive reporting tools. 

  • Vertical Integration: Move from off-the-shelf products to automotive-grade custom Battle Motors parts, providing full control of the truck's operations via touch screens and internet devices. 
  • Innovation: Stay ahead with rapid deployment of new features, light-weight designs, and technical engagement with customers to drive continuous improvements. 
  • Technology consolidation: Today, many vocational operators have multiple suppliers of software and multiple screens. Part of the goal for Battle Motors is to eliminate some of these other screens and provide all contextual data for the operator in one place. Battle Motors can integrate the system with 3rd party applications depending on the API access by the 3rd party.  

Battle Motors has collaborated with T-Mobile for Business, its preferred IoT provider, over the past several years to utilize T-Mobile's nationwide network in powering its all-new proprietary RevolutionOS™ EV software system. This partnership facilitates real-time sharing of battery range and usage information, location tracking, preventative maintenance alerts, and over-the-air software updates for Battle Motors' electric trucks, enhancing efficiency, safety, and security. Moreover, T-Mobile Control Center offers comprehensive fleet visibility and management capabilities, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction. 

Battle Motors is dedicated to incorporating innovative technological advancements into our vehicle designs. The launch of our newly enhanced interior is merely the beginning of this journey. We will continue innovating a series of additional state-of-the-art features that will be integrated into our new interior.  

Experience the future of commercial vehicle technology with Battle Motors. To learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can benefit your operations, visit 

Join us at Battle Motors Booth 1952 on Tuesday May 7, 2024, at 12 noon for a press conference  
with Kelleigh Ash, CTO and Paul Marsolan, CSO of Battle Motors